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Call us if you want the top roof repair company in Beaverton to fix your roof. Our contractors are experts in emergency repairs, roof restorations, and dealing with storm damage. Our experienced team works quickly and always gets the job done. Call us and get started.

We Offer Full Service Roof Repairs

There is nothing more frustrating than a damaged roof. It’s not like you can just let it wait until you feel like getting around to it. When you have a hole in your roof, it has to get fixed fast. We are a Beaverton company offering top quality roof repairs at affordable prices. Whatever problem you are having, guaranteed we can fix it. People on the westside of the Portland Metro area have trusted us for years anytime they need a patch, a leak repair, or work done on their flashing. We repair tile, slate, flat roofs, metal roofing, and shingles.  Are you ready to work with a roofing company in Beaverton, OR that gets the job done exactly as promised? Then give us a call, we are excited to hear from you.

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Roof Restoration and Replacement

Did you know that roof replacements and restorations don’t have to be stressful? Yes, it’s a big job, but we make the entire process easy. The first step is always going to be an honest conversation with our contractors. We will do a detailed inspection and then let you know if we can fix things with a restoration, or if we need to replace your roof entirely. When we perform restorations we clean and repair every square foot. Our team will reseal or recoat, replace shingles and tiles, and clean off dirt and debris. A lot of people think they need a total replacement but really all they need is a thorough restoration. But when there is too much damage, we can help by doing a total replacement. You will always know the cost and the expected timeline.

Our Services

You will find a detailed list of our services below. Rest assured that we can repair any type of damage your roof could sustain. Let us know if you need an emergency repair and we will get a crew out there as soon as possible.

Emergency Repair

Most repairs are urgent. But if your family is staring up at a massive hole in the roof and rain is flooding your house, call us right away. We offer on-demand emergency roofing repair all year round.


We can handle issues with all common residential roofing materials. Shingle, wood shake, metal, tile – we can fix them all. From shingle replacements to patching leaks, give us a call.


If your building has a flat roof or another common type of commercial roof, we can help. Our team includes commercial and flat roof specialists, dedicated to helping commercial property owners. We will help you keep your business running.

There are many more repairs that you can call us for. Here is a list of some of the most common jobs we perform.

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Roof Leaks

Repairing leaks is one of the most important things we do. If you let a leak persist, you risk significant damage to your entire building. Water can lead to mold, water damage, and structural decay. We always begin by finding the leak. Then we seal it up and apply roof patching.

Professional Flashing Repair

Your flashing is an important part of your roof. It also gets damaged frequently. If your flashing is made of aluminum or galvanized steel, we may need to remove the damaged parts and replace it with durable new flashing. 

Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles are common and can easily be fixed. What sets us apart is our attention to detail through the repair process. We take the time to make sure that the new replacement shingles fit properly and are able to seal off the roof from water and the elements.

Serving Beaverton, Oregon

Our company offers services all throughout Beaverton. We will come to Cedar Hills, Oak Hills, Raleigh, Highland, West Slope, Garden Home, Cooper Mountain, and all throughout the area. 

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